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Warner Center Estate Planning, Warner Center Estate Planning Attorney, Warner Center Estate Planning Lawyer

(Wills and Trusts)

We can help you to protect your assets for your loves ones, to avoid probate, avoid taxes and plan for their future.

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We can guide you through the labyrinth of probate and trust administration, whether it is a simple or a complex matter.

Warner Center Irrevocable Trust, Warner Center Leases, Warner Center Living Trusts


Sometimes the language of the trust is not clear, or there is a question of authenticity, a claim of undue influence, a will contest, an issue of title to a home or an account or a dispute with creditors. We have and can litigate these issues for you.

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It has been said that "Trouble is our business" is the motto of a business that does not have a legal adviser. For over 30 years, we have tried to keep businesses out of trouble.

Asher A. Levin Attorney


Results Driven Warner Center Attorney 

Results Driven Warner Center Attorney Asher A. Levin's office is located in Warner Center, CA, (818)704-4789. We have been praised by clients for providing "great performance and value." We are results driven - looking out for the best results for our clients. We have the experience, creativity and work ethic to deliver outstanding results. Asher A. Levin is:

An Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer: drafting Wills and Living Trusts, Financial Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives and Special Needs Trusts.

An Experienced Trust Attorney, including Trust Administration and Trust Litigation.

An Experienced Probate and Probate Litigation Lawyer.

An Experienced Business Attorney, Forming corporations and LLCs, drafting contracts and leases, purchasing and selling businesses.

When you have legal concerns to discuss with an attorney in Southern California, you need to consider:
(1) What results are you seeking - to Probate of an estate, to get your share of a Trust estate; to draft an estate plan and avoid probate, to clear title to real property, to sell a business, or something else?
(2) Whether you need to hire a lawyer to satisfy your goals - is this something that you can do without an attorney?
(3) An Experienced Lawyer's opinion of the results that you are likely to obtain; and
(4) The fees and costs involved in obtaining these results.

We explore all possibilities in our search for the best results for our clients. We value and care about our clients and our community. We are located in Warner Center in the San Fernando Valley and proudly serve the Los Angeles area and surrounding communities of Southern California. When we say that we are Results Driven, we mean that our commitment to our clients and our experience allows us to evaluate cases, to set realistic goals and to get the best results for our clients. This commitment allows our clients to feel confident their interests are being protected at all times.

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