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Woodland Hills Attorney Asher A. Levin has developed a successful practice with an emphasis on Estate Planning – Wills and Living Trusts, Probate, Trust and Probate Litigation, Business Law and Litigation.

Asher A. Levin has practiced law since 1976 and has had an office in the San Fernando Valley since 1982. In the estate planning and probate areas, Asher A. Levin, works with families to help them protect their family and business interests. As a results oriented attorney, he recommends that his clients take steps to avoid the cost and delay arising from a probate. For families who own real estate or have other assets valued in excess of $150,000, that usually means preparing a Living Trust package. This package includes a Revocable Trust, Wills, Financial Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, the transfer of property into the Revocable Trust, and assorted other documents.

If someone dies without a properly funded Trust, Probate may be necessary for the Heirs to receive their inheritance. Asher Levin is an Experienced Probate Attorney and can assist his clients in making probate as quick and inexpensive as possible – the best possible result. When a dispute arises in the context of a Probate or a Trust administration, his experience in probate and in civil litigation has enabled him to best protect his clients’ interests.

As an experienced Business Law Attorney, Asher A. Levin represents businesses from formation to dissolution. He helps his clients to ensure that their businesses are properly formed and planned, and are operating legally and effectively. He helps his clients to protect their rights as employers, as buyers or sellers of a business, as parties to Contracts and Leases. When other issues appear – from drafting contracts to negotiating leases, Asher A. Levin will help his clients determine the best result and will assist them to reach that result.

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